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Surviving Empath Burnout

I was going to do my next one on the psychic gift, clairaudience today but instead I want to share surviving empath burnout. Why? Because I burned out last week - I haven't in a long time. Even now, with several years under my belt in the spiritual and metaphysical field burnout can still happen. It is all about balance. No one can be in perfect balance all of the time, do not put that restriction on your life because it is unachievable and will mess with your mindset. You do want to avoid swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Aim for varying degrees and more plateaus than peaks and valleys.

Why did I burnout? I did 6 psychic fairs in 7 weeks while trying to maintain every day life and business when not at the fairs. I had an energy deficit, clouds in my aura, stress and expectations. As a result, I was only getting little bits of recovery time as opposed to a full day (which is what I needed). Over the 7 weeks my sleep schedule shifted to one that did not serve me, I started to make poor food choices, pulled away from friends and couldn't think clearly when creating/working on my business. My sessions and client time was fine because I always put in clearing and grounding time for them...but not me!!! (For the record I always clear and ground before shows and cut cords but with the amount of work I was doing I was not catching up to my actual energy needs.) What I did to survive the burnout? This past week I still had 'things' to do and appointments for myself and with clients. I could have 'pushed' through but I didn't. I rearranged things so I could rest more. I set goals with my food to gradually go back to lifestyle I felt nurtured and supported. I add more activity that gave me energy (going to the gym and walking outside). I spent a lot of time...A LOT OF time playing with cats. I slept in and enjoyed the sleeping in. I was able to gradually reset my body clock to go to bed before midnight. I took more time this week to clear my own energy and work on my own journey. I still achieved all of my work goals and family needs but at my pace. If it meant I vacuumed the living room at 9pm...done. If it meant me prepping my course work and feedback at 8am in my pj's, done! The key to surviving burnout is recognizing it, then going back to your mind, body, and spirit connection and being gentle.

Thoughts: It took me a week to fully recover. That is because I knew what to do and took action immediately. I know for you that is not as easy and for some of you, you may not feel you have control over your schedule. I have been making healthy boundaries for years. If you are going through burnout now, start there. Look at your food, sleep, relationships with people and your schedule. Make small changes and start to put you first. It will all fall into place.

My first burnout I recovered from took 3 years and that was on my own. You are not alone!!! Next week I am holding a Free 5 Day Empath Empowerment Circle. I will be doing daily lives, emails and prizes. I couldn't have planned this timing if I tried. Thank you Universe.

Click here to join or copy and paste:

You got this Beautiful Soul!! I am always here for you. Fi

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