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Spiritual Awakening 101

What is a Spiritual Awakening? We hear this a lot in the media and the 'woke' culture, but please don't get the 'woke' culture tied up in this as that is more of a political view point. A spiritual awakening is becoming aware that you are more than just a physical body going through mindless tasks. You are starting to feel the calling for something more in life and that you are meant to do more. You are tired of the 'systems' and are ready for the 'something' else. What are some reactions? For some they are called to a particular faith. They find fulfillment in a set ideology and set practices. There are others like myself who are more philosophical and move away from ideologies and feel a deeper connection to the 'Flow of the Universe'. This is the 'New Age' energy or general 'Spirituality'. It is an acceptance that every faith has gotten parts of it right and can resonate with certain elements. There is a connection to the interconnectedness of all faiths but not being restricted by rules and regulations. What if you are a 'New Ager'? Explore. Try new things. Learn what resonates with you. You may be drawn to more Eastern teachings, or ancient teachings, or earth based beliefs of Western philosophies. By saying 'yes' you will learn what to say 'no' to in the future! Side Effects of An Awakening? You will learn that you have more control over your future. There is more than just the rules and regulations of our past, what our parents and parent parents followed. You will be able to manifest and create more and not feel stuck in a box. You will lose friends and family that hold you back. You will discover that working on you brings about healthier relationships, a healthier body and less stress. It will be an emotional time as the 'energy' in e-motions start to flow. You will cry more, feel anger and sometimes feel lost. This is your body resetting and you are 'remembering' your personal frequency and needs. Your personal healing begins. Wanting to learn everything at once. It is not possible. But you can start at one point and gradually travel forward. I have been curious all my life. I studied Religious Studies in university. I loved comparative courses. I didn't take it seriously until 2013. At that point my health was shot, my relationships were up and down and I couldn't wrap my mind around living this way. I needed a change. I switched jobs to get out of a toxic environment. I moved cities to start a clean slate. I took care of my health. Studied Reiki and haven't looked back!!! Small changes. Final Tips: Be patient. Use cards, Reiki and like-minded friends for support. Focus on your journey (not others). This is all part of living LIFE. You are doing great things by just working on you. Is 2022 the year you will re-claim your power and journey? Are you ready to share your Soul Journey and work with others? What do you want to do to help your Soul go to the next level? Looking forward to 2022. Fi

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