Slowing Down In Order To Receive More

The past few months have proven to be a test of my own skills. I work hard to practice what I teach but that is just it...I work 'hard'. As a result, I burned out. I was working a couple of projects, working all hours and lost control of my own schedule. I knew my energy was depleting and my personal daily care routine went out the window.

A wise coach of mine Natasha Martinec said to stop filling my schedule and to let things be empty. Then the Universe can fill in what you need. Here's the thing, I was open to receiving but I had nowhere to receive it. Why would the Universe give me more if I was already filled to the top and overflowing? It wouldn't be for my highest good.

So, I started to slow down. I had to release doing daily Facebook Lives, working long hours and reduce creating content. I actually stopped everything for a week or two and shut down. I spent a lot of time sleeping, reading and writing. Heaven!!!

When I started to return to my projects and business I had a whole new level of understanding of what I wanted and how to get there. Previous mental blocks were gone and I felt energized. I started making positive connections and things started to flow. I now had space to let ideas be planted, seed, and grow.

If you are hitting a wall with your business or personal goals take a look at your schedule. Do you have space to grow? Do you have space for you to grow and recharge? Do you have space for you to create? There is more to life than being busy. Finding YOUR balance is key. Take some time, go for a walk, smell the flowers and if you need to, take a week or two off LOL!!!

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