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Healing With Your Heart

I believe that Love is the highest vibration and can heal all wounds. The energy of love flows through each of our hearts. Each one of us has a beating heart that emits an electrical pulse 60-100 times a minute. This is your unique healing source. This heart beat is the foundation of your bio-electrical system. It creates your body's electrical field (aura). How we navigate our emotions and intentions with our bio-electrical system, we can amplify the healing of our own body. What sorts of things can we support? I use this approach to heal trauma in the body, misaligned chakras, chronic pain, mindset blocks or emotional release. It is recommended that if there are mental health or medical needs that this is complementary to a treatment plan. How can I do this type of healing? It is to be done on yourself only. I find it to be more effective at night. When going to sleep at night place your left hand on your heart and place your right hand on where you want to send the vibration. Take a few deep breathes in and out to clear your mind, set a healing intention and then gently fall asleep knowing that you are amplifying your healing process. I have seen wonderful results in myself, friends and clients. We are all energetic beings with the capacity to heal. You are more powerful than you know. Many blessings.

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