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Let Go and Raise Your Vibration

Let Go and Raise Your Vibration

I have been doing a lot of work over the last few months studying how to live a life of ease and prosperity. It has been eye-opening. I have been living a stifled, controlled and rigid life. It has been productive and has supported my journey to a certain extent. However, I look back and realize that things could have been faster, easier and more joyful if I had done one thing more...learned to let go and focus on my joy. Yes, let go and then have fun. We all know the process of manifesting and goal setting. Thought -> Writing -> Voice -> Action ->Aligned Vibration -> Results Pretty straight forward but somewhere between Voice and Results things get muddled. The cause of this is time. It takes some time to reach our goals. During this time we start to wax and wane. We go back to our vision board or affirmations with good intentions to review, visualize and align but something is 'off'. We start to feel the 'lack' of the goal. Our focus on the end result shifts to what we don't have in the moment or how we are not already at our goal. This vibration consumes us and starts to affect our overall aligned vibration. We start to attract what we don't want and delay our results. As per usual the Universe is responding to our thoughts and feelings. Now, how do you know if this is happening? What can I do if this is happening? Great questions. Here is an example. I have a friend and she has some amazing goals. When she looks at her vision board she is excited for a few seconds but then she is overwhelmed with fear and 'analysis paralysis'. She is frozen and stuck. This is causing her to send out that vibration connected to that goal. Which is the complete opposite of what she genuinely wants to create. So, step one, check in with your goals and see how they make you feel after a few minutes. If they keep you excited and motivated keep on going, if not move to step two. With this discovery I asked her how she needed to feel in order to achieve these goals. We agreed upon 'Flow'. She wants to feel in alignment, ease and joy while working on these goals. We thanked and covered her Vision board, grabbed a white board and wrote the word FLOW in the middle. That was her focus - FLOW FLOW FLOW. That was step two. For step three we divided her white board into four parts. The first section focused on 'inspiring words' which will anchor her to the feeling of Flow: strong, empowered woman, talented, healing, being of service. The second section focused on daily actions she could do to achieve her goals with ease. This one took a little longer, as we had to look at her schedule and break down actions that would produce high results: 3 hours every morning 5 days a week. The third section she wrote an inspiring quote as her 'flow trigger'. The final section she wrote out what she already had in her life that brought her joy and ease: family, friends, health, home, gifts, talents. The fourth step is to keep to this action plan and board for the next thirty days. To focus on 'Flow' and her vibration. By the time we were finished she was excited, motivate and ready to get to work. This is how you can shift your vibration. Let go of your current 'vision'. Focus on how you want to feel. Create action items to get you to your goal and then focus 100% on your 'feeling'. This will bring about joy, intention and motivation to reach your goal. You will also send out the right vibration to the Universe.

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