Intuition and Manifesting

Intuition can be several things: a feeling in the gut, a knowing, a vibration through the body, or a vision of an outcome. Today we are in dominant digital age and we are moving away from these vibrations and rely upon 1's and 0's for direction. A calculated probability. This is probably why so many of us feel out of touch or heading in the wrong direction. We have either chosen to ignore it or have forgotten how to read it.

When was the last time you trusted a gut feeling?

For me it was this morning...every day really. It took me a long time to get to this stage. My intuition has never ever been wrong. Before I started working on re-connecting with my intuition I trusted the wrong people when I knew I shouldn't have. Stayed in jobs that I knew were not right. Made decisions to please others to turn around and frantically back pedal...sometimes I was too late.

When we are not listening to our intuition we are self-sabotaging our ability to create and manifest our dreams. Our intuition is our inner voice, our vibration of the Higher Self. It is how we can read Source and the environment. Really, it is our antennae to the unseen universe and our brain is the receiver. When we are in alignment with our purpose and goals we feel great. When we are not in in alignment we feel 'off'. When we are sad, upset, easily angered, or anxious those are all signs of mis-alignment. That should be a flashing neon sign to stop what you are doing and take stock of what you are up too.

How can we connect with our intuition?

I started with body pendulum work. I would stand fully grounded, heels under my hips, eyes closed. Place an object or a picture on my heart / solar plexus and ask "Is this for my highest good?" I would lean forward if the answer was 'yes'. I would lean back if it was 'no'. If I didn't move it was neutral. I worked my way through different foods, rocks, books, goals (I wrote on paper), card name it, I checked it.

I began applying it to my work and daily life. I would ask questions and place my hand on my heart / solar plexus and wait to feel. I always got a message. I did it and it was right.

I have learned to trust my gut. I know when I feel off about something I need to find a solution and change 'something'. This can be applied to your manifesting when you are working in detail with your goals. As you make your daily small actions, check to see if they are in alignment. Confirm that you are doing them right or the right time of day or with the right people. Begin to listen to how your body is responding. It is picking up on the energy around you and connecting it with your desires and intentions!!! Very very powerful stuff.

I highly encourage you to start working on your intuition. Stop, listen, feel and act!!!

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