Creating A Sacred Routine

Thank you everyone who has participated in the Empath Burn Out Interviews. It inspired this weeks newsletter. A common theme (there were a few) that stood out to me and I needed myself in the beginning is a Sacred Routine for MY Energy. Why do I add Sacred? Sacred is defined as connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. I use sacred to describe a routine dedicated to your higher Self, your Soul your Bright light, the love within you. Only you can connect to it in it's truest form This is our glimpse, piece, nugget of Source energy here on this 3D planet. This your unique energetic routine - you set the outline, paradigm, one else. What is a Sacred Routine? It is a routine done daily (as many times as you like) that entails all of your body's (energetic, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental etc.). You can do it in the morning or evening and be flexible with it, because life happens. Energetic - Reiki or meditation Spiritual - Oracle card pull or journaling Physical - Qi Gong, walking, workout, yoga Emotional - Journaling, crying, screaming into a pillow or organizing your day so there is ease and clear communication Mental - read a book This can be done in an hour with 10-15 mins dedicated to each. You can break some up for morning and evening. It really is up to you and for you to explore what works for you. As empaths we are giving away our time each day to other people for their highest good and ours as well (we all feel called to help others). This time in our Sacred Routine is for us (hence sacred). Why should I do a Sacred Routine? It will help you heal your energy, physical body and clear your mind. Over time you will be inspired and have a stronger connection with Source/Creator. You will be able to access your protection more easily and intuitively ground your energy and set up healthy boundaries. It is the stepping stone to being empowered. I would love to hear your routines or your go to books, meditations or exercises. Happy healing, Fiona

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