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About Me And What I Offer!!!

I am a psychic, channel and energy healer.  As a psychic channel, I connect with guides and loved ones that step forward while using Tarot/Oracle cards to pass on their message(s). As a medical intuitive, I channel your body during an energy healing session to help guide you on your journey. 

I am a triple Sag and I find it hard to do just one I don't!!! I offer two streams for my Soul Clients.  The first stream is for my Spiritual Awakening Souls.  I offer Spiritual Awakening Mentoring (1:1), Psychic Readings, Twin Flame/Starseed Activations, Past Life Release and Reiki Engery Healing sessions (all under healing sessions). Stay tuned for my new online courses in the next month!!!

The second stream is for my fellow divine feminine Healers and Coaches.  I offer Money Flow coaching.  It is time to re-write your money story, activate your money flow and align your business so you can tap into the Abundance of the Universe.  Now more than ever your Soul Clients are looking for you and are ready to work with you to ascend this 3D world.  I offer Soul Coaching (1:1) and I am currently adding the finishing touches to my 12-week Money Flow Accelerator Group Program.  You deserve to live with freedom and do the work you love while receiving all the positive abundance the Universe can offer.

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All Videos