Welcome Beautiful Souls!
Here Is My Story:


I was at my lowest, most frustrated, sickest, most stuck point, when I was working in a toxic environment, in a constant state of overwhelm with anxiety and no direction in life.  My body was shutting down, my mind was in a constant state of fight or flight and my soul was hungry for something 'other'.

I was craving peace, clarity and some sort of balance

In order to achieve this state, I had to shift from victim mode, feeling like I had no control and resigning to the situation to empowerment mode, feeling like I can find a solution and there is something better than what I had at the moment.

To learn more about this, I turned to energy work.  I pursued my Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Life Coaching and Integrated Energy Healing with the Angels.  This woke up all of my psychic and intuitive gifts I had silenced in childhood.  I became hyper aware that I could feel presences, attain psychic knowledge, and connect with other realms and beings.  My mis-alignment with the world around me was not the world but me...I vibed too high for where I was at and was allowing it to consume me.  I discovered how to protect, nurture, heal and shine my own energy.

When I shifted to this new level of being, I felt at ease, peace and fully connected to my purpose.

I went from a state of overwhelm and powerlessness to empowered and thriving, so that I could continue the work to help others.

If you are ready to take your journey to the next level and take control please reach out...I know this journey and would be honoured to be your Guide.