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Welcome Beautiful Souls

About Me

I am honoured and excited that you have come to my site to seek more information.  My name is Fiona and I am an Empath that has committed my time to teaching, healing and learning so that others can find more ease and joy in their life and achieve the abundance they desire.  

I focus on supporting women develop their psychic and intuitive skills while also helping healers, guides and coaches find balance and release from overwhelm and burnout. It is when we can walk that middle path and surrender to the past and future and be in the moment that we can manifest the most wonderful things.  Finding our way to the path is the 'journey' we hear a lot about.  Usually, there is some form of healing, trauma release, cord cutting and learning (I am being very vague...there is much work but everyone can do it if they choose to).  

I am also a lover of science and do my best to stay grounded in it as much as possible because I believe everything that is magical has an explanation in science...we just don't know it yet!  I am down to earth and like to be practical.  I approach each Souls journey with respect and uniqueness. I have 'steps' but they are just guidelines and not dogma. We all have freewill and I honour yours on this journey.

It took me a long time to realize I was empathic and a channel from a very young age.  I could see and feel things and I learned to hide it away.  I experienced trauma and grief for many years and it took several years to recover.  I also experienced toxic relationships and work places.  I developed people pleasing, perfectionism, hyper-fixation, anxiety and depression.  I was a poster child for co-dependency.  I took control of my journey in 2013 and haven't looked back.  I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Energy healer, card reader, medical intuitive, life coach and teacher (and many more titles).  I have found my calling and I hope to help you find peace and offer you tools to help you on your journey.  

If you are unsure of how I can help here is a quick Coles notes.  If you want a quick session to see what I am about I offer 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.  If you are ready to learn or develop your Psychic Gifts then the 6 week course is perfect for you.  If you want to learn Reiki...I regularly post Reiki certification courses. If you are a healer, coach or guide that is feeling the impact of overwhelm or burnout and want to find that energy and drive to serve and attract abundance, I offer an 8-week course Woman on Fire - book a discovery call.  I hope that helps.  

I offer a free weekly newsletter you can sign up for and I also have a free Facebook Group - Spiritual Empowerment Circle.

Many blessing,




What They Say

Hey Fi! I feel so much lighter and calmer after yesterday's session, my left shoulder and knee are painless, can't thank you enough! I even sang yesterday.


Fiona is so caring and supportive!She has a way of finding your deepest desires and bringing them to life.
Fiona helped me to find the courage and confidence to bring my healing to the world and feel comfortable in my abilities.
Thank you so much Fiona, I am forever grateful to you!


I just had a 30 minute session with Fiona. Her energy is wonderful and insights really spoke to me. She gave me ideas on what I can do to ‘fix’ some imbalances that came up. Wonderful Fiona, thank you!